Our feeding programs reach those who are most vulnerable in our community, especially kids who may go hungry after school.

Identifying the causes of food insecurity

Rural communities and urban centers in America often have difficulty accessing simple resources. Many kids lack the nutrition they need and go home from school to empty cupboards. Some families in rural America must drive more than an hour to find a grocery store. Life360 Community Services is a nonprofit that empowers people of faith for the transformation of their community. We’re reversing poverty’s effect with programs that feed, educate, house, and empower people.

Dramatic growth in feeding initiatives

From feeding a few kids in a neighborhood that needed resources to feeding nearly 20,000 kids in the Midwest, it has been an exciting journey.

USDA Rural Nutrition Program

We work with schools to reverse the harmful effects of food insecurity, especially on children. Through a partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture, we provide meals to students in their classrooms after the bell.Each meal is packed with the nutritional foods students need, including a healthy serving of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk, and a meat substitute.

Emergency Relief Efforts

Additionally, Life360 Community Services participates in USDA emergency relief efforts. We served more than 3,000,000 meals during a three-month period when many businesses were shut down due to Covid-19 restrictions.

After-school feeding programs

One of our primary initiatives is a food program that feeds kids right after the school bell rings. The schools take care of breakfast and lunch. But so many kids in rural towns and urban centers don’t receive all of the nutrition they need at night, and some go home to empty cupboards. We want to bridge that gap.

We provide nutritious “super snacks” that hold all of those nutritional components kids need. Kids are fed before they go to football practice or an after-school club which sustains them until they get home for dinner. For those kids who may receive nothing at home, we’re giving them the nutrition needed to function well at school the next day.

Fighting hunger (and more)

Our food program is exciting and frequently is just the foot in the door into a community. After establishing a food program in a town, we are able to expand and also offer housing, education and empowerment programs.


Through grant-funded programs, we partner with government organizations that feed children. Receiving a small reimbursement for feeding those in need, we are the “hands and feet” of the government programs that make it happen.

To meet the overwhelming hunger faced in our communities, we also depend on financial gifts from individuals and corporations. We accept online donations as well as many types of goods and services. Learn more about giving to those in need.

Get involved

You can help by doing something as simple as packing totes that go into the classrooms with nutritious snacks.

Learn more about joining our mission by volunteering your time and talents.