Rural communities and urban centers often lack safe and adequate housing, especially for young people. Our housing programs focus on helping former foster children, young adults, and working families become self-sufficient.

Housing for youth aging out of foster care

Our housing program focuses on a very vulnerable demographic of youth aging out of foster care. With lack of support, kids aging out of the foster care system can easily predict their future – homelessness. As they scramble to survive, we’re ready to launch young adults on a new path with support allowing them to pursue education, find a quality job and engage in wrap-around services from our many partners.

In Springfield, Missouri, we built Y Gardens, a 41-unit apartment complex, to house young people who have aged out of foster care and give them a fresh start to adulthood. By providing a stable place to live, plus connections to other resources, such as education and employment, they can thrive into adulthood.

Housing for other young adults

Life360 House offers young adult men and women safe, affordable housing and extra support to get started on a responsible, sober life. These projects include affordable group homes, apartments, and townhouses. Too many young men and women in Springfield are fighting to become self-sufficient. Despite their resiliency and strength, they are often unable to overcome the obstacles preventing them from independence. Life360 House propels our residents to tackle their obstacles. Our homes provide our residents with the community, accountability, resources, and social capital they need to thrive on their own.

We developed dozens of townhomes for working adults in the tourist town of Branson, Missouri, and this successful model can be tailored to fit many more communities. We provide more than homes for under-resourced young adults. We partner with our neighbors to provide launching pads that help young people fulfill their dreams.

Asset-based community development

Our employees live in each community we serve. These embedded staff members assess the needs and resources of each town, looking for ways to assist the community. For example, if there are houses sitting empty, we may be able to turn those buildings into homes for those who need them. In some cases, we can also provide financial assistance to help people acquire proper housing.

How can I help people who need safe housing?

You can donate your time, talent, or treasure.

You can even volunteer by doing something as simple as providing baskets of useful items to the new residents in our housing projects.

Learn more about getting involved.

Photos of Y Gardens in Springfield MO