Jobs for Life is an 8-week course which focuses on the practical skills needed for obtaining a job, as well as the soft skills necessary to maintain employment. It is open to those currently employed, as well as those employed but wishing to improve their current situation.

Proven Success

  • 80% land the job of their choice within 2 weeks of graduation
  • 100% of grads find employment within 1 month of graduating

What sets Jobs for Life apart from other employment readiness programs?

  • Unique Curriculum: JfL lessons focus on practical approaches to self-improvement, but also addresses frequently seen spiritual and emotional roadblocks to employment.
  • Champion Support: Each student is paired with a champion who listens, encourages, and supports.

Students Will…

  • Be equipped to excel in their work place
  • Develop a community to support them in their new endeavors
  • Receive a job interview for an open position at a JfL partner company

Student Qualification

  • Be of employable age, with stable housing
  • Commit to attend the course and complete required tasks such as building a resume and vocational plan
  • Be willing to learn and grow as an individual