We offer education programs from cradle to career, including preschools, after-school resources, public-school partnerships, and camps.(Springfield) Children’s Business Fair impacts the next generation of entrepreneurs by offering entrepreneurship courses, utilizing local businesses, and developing critical entrepreneurial skills needed to run a successful booth.

(Springfield) Children’s Business Fair

This one-day event highlights and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit. Local communities come and visit small businesses lead and operated by students. The event strives to connect customers with local businesses and outreaches.

Springfield-Children’s Business Fair Courses

Life360 Community Services offer 5-week courses developed by professional business owners. Students meet once a week to learn, develop, and demonstrate their knowledge of an entrepreneurial aspect that enhances their business plans. Students learn customer service, work ethic, financial development, and more.


Local businesses and business owners guide and facilitate students’ learning throughout the courses. They assist students with their business analysis and development, as well as help them learn the skills and knowledge necessary to create a sustainable business plan. Students learn customers service, work ethic, financial development, and more.

Community Impact

This program impacts local communities both present and future. While students are learning the qualities of a good workers, this program also stimulates local economic growth and development.