When we inspire people to reach their full potential, we help break the cycle of generational poverty. Our empowerment programs help secure jobs, start businesses, build self-esteem, and develop a community of support.

Job Training Builds Comunity Workforce

Our eight-week employment readiness course called Jobs for Life focuses on the practical skills needed to obtain a job, as well as the soft skills necessary to maintain employment.

It is open to people unemployed, as well as those who are employed but wishing to improve their current situation.

Proven Success

  • 100% of Jobs for Life candidates find employment within 1 month of graduating.

Unique Curriculum

Jobs for Life lessons focus on practical approaches to self-improvement, as well as frequently seen spiritual and emotional roadblocks to employment.

Real-world experience

Our candidates get on-the-job training in our coffee shops, screenprint shops, and commercial kitchen. These are the “hard skills” they need to land most labor positions.

Worker Mentorship

Our programs connect business mentors called champions with job candidates.

This is a great opportunity for volunteers to act as cheerleaders – encouraging those who are going after jobs.

Learning the “soft skills”

Jobs for Life focuses on soft skills that make a good employee and a good boss. Some of these skills are how to show up to work on time, what it means to take responsibility for their work, how to complete the job well, and how it’s important to keep their workspace presentable and nice. These are the important things they may not learn naturally at an hourly job which can cause a few setbacks along the way. We take the time and teach them those soft skills. That’s empowering. Giving our students the skills needed to launch into a career.

Inspiring Future Business Owners

Our goal is to launch 20 new businesses, in the next 10 years, in a single city. We help train budding business owners by offering a marketing package, and connecting them with additional community resources, so that they have clients coming to them right away. We recently helped one of our clients launch a painting business. They immediately had five projects lined up, enough to keep them working for a month and a half. In 18 months, we hope this is a thriving business that can help train even more entrepreneurs.

Young entrepreneurs

To empower children to start their own businesses, we partner with Acton Academy to host an annual business fair. The event encourages children to be entrepreneurs and sell their products to the public. This business fair gives a community of struggling children an opportunity to be inspired by the business environment to start a business later in life.

Community Strengthening Events

In some towns, we also host regular community dinners and other types of events to bring people together for faith and fellowship. These events can be a great source of community building.

At one of our preschools, we had a family night with the kids and their parents gathered for an evening of activities and games. During the event, some of the families began to interact on a deeper level. One family was talking about a desire to budget for a vacation, but just had the hardest time saving money. Another family said, “Oh, budgeting is our favorite thing to do. We’ve worked out a system where we can budget and make it happen each and every year.” They connected, and by the end of the night, one family had their complete annual budget lined up. They had a solid plan so they could finally go on a family vacation within six months and the other family felt so satisfied that they were able to help. It’s so exciting when our families help each other.

No one has it all figured out. We can all learn from each other. Together we can build capital and resources by surrounding ourselves with people who are going to help lift us up.

Specialized Camp Lifts Up Foster Children

Royal Family Kids helps transform communities by interrupting cycles of neglect, abuse, and abandonment often seen by children in the foster care system. We fulfill this mission by providing an array of programs, directed toward changing the trajectory of young lives which include a combination of academic failure, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, sex trafficking, homelessness, and incarceration.

When kids go to Royal Family KIDS Camp, they receive the attention and encouragement of an adult camp counselor and their buddy camper. In addition, each camper is also exposed to a variety of fun activities designed for their success and to build self-esteem. For most of these children, it’s the best week of the year – a special time when they can focus on having fun and enjoy being a kid.

Activities include hiking, swimming, fishing, woodworking, games, sports, and more.