Life360 Community Services offers weekly enrichment activities along with our after-school super snacks. We meet our school partners’ needs by investing in their educational vision with the after-school snack program. Our research led us to design the activities described below.

Elementary Enrichment: Interactive Read-Aloud Packs

We provide each elementary classroom with a read-aloud pack to keep for a week. The reading packs are made up of two parts:
1. Character-themed read-aloud with conversation prompts
2. Interactive read-aloud guides

Character themes include:

  • Citizenship
  • Gratitude
  • Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Resilience 
  • And more!
9/13/21Ella and Monkey at SeaWritten and Illustrated by Emilie BoonRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
9/20/21Harlem Grown Written by Tony Hillery and Illustrated by Jessie HartlandRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
9/27/21A Place to LandWritten by Barry Wittenstein and Illustrated by Jerry and Brian PinkneyRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
10/4/21A Bike Like Sergio’sWritten by Maribeth Boelts and Illustrated by Noah Z. JonesRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
10/11/21The Squirrels Who SquabbledWritten by Rachel Bright and Illustrated by Jim FieldRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
10/18/21DandyWritten by Anne Dyckman and Illustrated by Charles SantosoRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
10/25/21Mother BruceWritten and Illustrated by Ryan HigginsRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
11/1/21Surfer ChickWritten by Kristen Dempsey and Illustrated by Henry ColeRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
11/8/21The SnurtchWritten by Sean Ferrell and Illustrated by Charles SantosoRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
11/15/21A Chip of the Old BlockWritten by Jody Jensen Shaffer and Illustrated by Daniel MiyaresRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
11/22/21The Doorbell RangWritten and Illustrated by Pat HutchinsRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
11/29/21When You Are BraveWritten by Pat Zietlow Miller and Illustrated by Eliza WheelerRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
12/6/21The Thank You LetterWritten and Illustrated by Jane CabreraRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
12/13/21Bear Came AlongWritten by Richard T. Morris and Illustrated by LeUyen PhamRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
12/20/21Mitzvah PizzaWritten by Sarah Lynn Scheerger and Illustrated by Deborah MelmonRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
12/27/21Marisol McDonald Doesn’t MatchWritten by Monica Brown and Illustrated by Sara PalaciosRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
1/3/22Hey, Hey, Hay!Written by Christy Mihaly and Illustrated by Joe CepedaRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
1/10/22More-igamiWritten by Dori Kleber and Illustrated by G. Brian KarasRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
1/17/22Big Bed for Little SnowWritten and Illustrated by Grace LinRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
1/24/22Green PantsWritten and Illustrated by Kenneth KraegelRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
1/31/22GrumpycornWritten and Illustrated by Sarah McIntyreRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
2/7/22Super Manny Stands UpWritten by Kelly DiPucchio and Illustrated by Stephanie GraeginRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
2/14/22Puma DreamsWritten by Tony Johnston and Illustrated by Jim LamarcheRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
2/21/22Pig and SmallWritten and Illustrated by Alex LatimerRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
2/28/22We Don’t Eat Our ClassmatesWritten and Illustrated by Ryan HigginsRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
3/7/22Henry and BeaWritten and Illustrated by Jessixa BagleyRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
3/14/22Lemonade in WinterWritten by Emily Jenkins and Illustrated by G. Brian KarasRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
3/21/22Born To RideWritten by Larissa Theule and Illustrated by Kelsey Garrity-RileyRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
3/28/22Clark the SharkWritten by Bruce Hale and Illustrated by Guy FrancisRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
4/4/22Those ShoesWritten by Maribeth Boelts and Illustrated by Noah Z. JonesRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
4/11/22It Came in the MailWritten and Illustrated by Ben ClantonRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
4/18/22Someone NewWritten and Illustrated by Anne SibleyRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
4/25/22Juna’s JarWritten by Jane Bahk and Illustrated by Felicia HoshinoRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
5/2/22I Talk Like a RiverWritten by Jordan Scott and Illustrated by Sydney SmithRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link
5/9/22Interrupting ChickenWritten and Illustrated by David Ezra SteinRead-Aloud LinkReading Guide Link

Secondary: No-prep Wellbeing Conversation Prompts

Every week, middle and high school educators will be provided an edition of the Daily Digest to keep. Each edition includes bite-sized life- lessons for your students to chew on during snack-time.

Topics  include:

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Vocation
  • Finances
  • Community Development
Daily Digest Online PDFPhysicalMentalFinancial SocialCareer
Design 1Misconceptions about SleepWhen You Get Your Adult BrainWhy We Have Piggy BanksIntro to InfrastructureHow Influencers Get Paid
Design 2You Sleep Way Less than TigersHow Your Brain Grows UpWhat Banks Do With Your MoneyAncient Roads vs. Modern RoadsMaking Money on YouTube
Design 3Symptoms of Sleep DeprivationBattle of Two BrainsChecking vs. SavingsAncient Farming MisconceptionsMaking Money On Instagram
Design 4Why You Don’t Sleep EnoughMore Friends Means More RisksHow to Open a Bank AccountOld Tricks for New ProblemsCashing in on TikTok
Design 5Tech Hacks for Better SleepPerks of a Changing BrainPayday Loan PopularityThis Founder GossipedThe Fastest-Growing Job in the U.S.
Design 6A Sound Heard Around the WorldBe Nice to Your BrainWhy Payday Loans are RiskySurprising Birth YearsFive Dirty and Outdated Jobs
Design 7No Stereos without Stereocilia Depression vs. SadnessThe Payday Loan CycleThe Inventor of the Phones4 Jobs That No Longer Exist
Design 8Avoid These Decibel LevelsSadness vs. Depression Pt. 2Gen Z’s Feels About $$$The Faces of US CurrencyCOVID 19 Fueled the Pizza Industry
Design 9Teen Hearing Loss: Now vs. Then. Complicated Causes of DepressionGen Z’S Financial FutureAviation ProgressBusiness for Good
Design 10Tech Hacks to Protect Your EarsWays to Manage DepressionGen Z’s Job PerksFruits of Our HistoryBusiness for Good Pt. 2
Design 11Top 5 Injury-Prone SportsMissouri Youth Suicide RatesWanna Be a MillionaireDeadly Virus History Pt. 1Incident Commander
Design 12The Most Common Sports InjuriesWarning Signs of SuicideIntro to FOMODeadly Virus History Pt. 2Where Firefighting Takes You
Design 13How Not to Make it to the NBAControl Your WorldviewFOMO’s Effect on Finances Deadly Virus History Pt. 3Reintroducing Elk in Missouri
Design 14You Should Diversify in SportsShame on You!FOMO Does This to Your CashThe Great DeregulationThis 12-Year-Old Makes Bank
Design 15The Dangers of OveruseTurn That Frown Upside DownFOMO For ProfitRoman Gladiator CelebritiesBMETs are in Demand

Get involved

You can help by doing something as simple as packing totes that go into the classrooms with nutritious snacks.

Learn more about joining our mission by volunteering your time and talents.