Our feeding programs reach those who are most vulnerable in our community, especially kids who may go hungry after school.

Identifying the causes of food insecurity

Some families in rural and urban communities go hungry because of financial poverty of lack of access to basic resources. Because our team members are already a part of the communities we serve, we’re able to identify the causes of food insecurity and help fill the hunger gaps for thousand of families. We also partner with government organizations, individuals, and corporations to help make it happen. Check out our feeding programs below to learn more.

USDA Rural Nutrition Program

Through a partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture, we provide meals to students in rural areas at the end of each school day. Each meal includes a serving of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk, and protein.

Emergency Relief Efforts

We participated in USDA emergency relief efforts. In 2020, we served more then three million meals during the coronavirus pandemic, and we’re equipped to feed our communities in emergency situations.

After-school feeding programs

We come alongside public schools in rural and urban areas to provide supplemental nutrition for kids who may go hungry after school. Whether its’s fueling student athletes before practice or serving meals to afters-school club attendees, our school feeding programs provide kids with the nutrition they need.

Help us feed our communities

When we establish a feeding program, it often becomes the starting point for offering our housing, education, and empowerment programs. You can make a positive impact by donating and volunteering. Whether it’s helping pack snacks for classrooms or giving financially, your generosity makes a differece.

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