Life360 Community Services is dedicated to providing safe housing to those in need, and empowering them so they may live a better life.

Rural communities and urban centers often lack safe and adequate housing, especially for young people. Our housing solutions are helping young adults, working families, and youth who have aged out of foster care become more self-sufficient.


Youth who age out of foster care are a vulnerable demographic, often facing homelessness because of lack of support and resources. The Y Gardens, located in Springfield, Missouri, is a 41-unit apartment complex built to house former foster children as they begin their journey into adulthood. We provide them a safe place to live with wrap-around services, connecting them to education and employment resources to help them thrive.

Housing for other young adults

Many young adults in Springfield struggle to become self-sufficient due to lack of resources, support, and other situational circumstances. Life360 House provides young adults men and women safe, affordable housing with wrap-around services to help them become thriving, healthy individuals. These housing projects include affordable group homes, apartments, and townhouses. We’re providing this demographic the opportunities and tools they need to launch into responsible adulthood.

Asset-based community development

Because our team members are a part of the communities they serve, we’re able to assess the housing needs of a community and tailor our housing models to best fit those needs. From building townhomes for working young adults, to renovating dilapidated houses, to providing financial assistance, our housing programs help people experience the relief that comes with having a safe place to call home.

How can you make a difference

You can make a positive impact by donating and volunteering. Whether it’s donating useful, personal items, or giving financially, you generosity makes a difference.

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Photos of Y Gardens in Springfield MO