Our Leadership

Dr. Ted Cederblom | President & CEO

Dr. Ted Cederblom has led Life360 Community Services and Life360 Church since 2003.

Ted established our primary focus and vision as the planting of CDP’s (Community Development Partnerships) across rural America. Currently Life360 is in twenty-five towns and serves over sixty public schools with our four-fold emphasis of House, Educate, Feed, and Empower.

Ted was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Panama as the fourth son of Assemblies of God missionaries. As a missionary kid, Ted saw the impact a small group of dedicated individuals can have upon communities and entire nations. From those experiences seeing the phenomenal growth and socio-economic impact of the Pentecostal church in Latin America, and in over three decades of entrepreneurial pastoral leadership, Ted lives out a belief that now more than ever we can make a difference in Springfield and in rural communities across America.

In fact, Ted believes the greatest days of growth and effectiveness for rural America are still ahead, and Life360 can be an integral part of this transformation through our Community Development Partnerships. Ted has a wife, Robbin, and three grown sons, Brandon, Brian, and Matthew.

Executive Leadership Team

Tom Cederblom

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Cederblom

Executive Coach

Ashley Godwin

Executive Administrator

Bill Hennessy

Executive Director of Operations