The Mission: Master’s Craftsmen is a faith-based non-profit providing essential job and life skills for participants through apprenticeship programs.

Master’s Craftsmen Vision

The Master’s Craftsmen is a faith-based nonprofit providing essential job and life skills through apprenticeships. TMC’s Program at Life360 Community Services aims to educate, equip, and empower its participants to lead successful, purposeful lives.

Paid Training and Certification

One of the perks of TMC’s program is the opportunity for participants to be paid while they learn their craft in a real work environment. Each apprentice has the option of having a part-time or a full-time position. Students split their time between the classroom and hands-on training. In the classroom, students learn the technical skills needed to advance their careers, as well as the necessary personal and professional skills to succeed in their industries.

Apprentices apply their knowledge and newly acquired skills during in-shop training and on the job site.

Apprentices who join The Master’s Craftsmen program will be certified in OSHA10, Carpentry, Forklift, First AID, CPR, AED, and they will have the potential to advance their Carpentry 1 NCCER.

Make a Difference Today

You can make a positive impact by donating and volunteering. Whether it’s donating your time or giving financially, your generosity makes a difference. 

Visit our Get Involved page to learn more. 

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