Children’s Business Fair

Oct 27, 2022 | News

Life360 Community Services is excited to present our upcoming Springfield Children’s Business Fair, taking place on Saturday, December 3rd! This event, located at the C-Street City Market from 10 am-2 pm, gives kids the opportunity to create and sell a product or service while learning entrepreneurial principles. Kids and teens are invited to apply to pitch their ideas and products to the community! This is an incredible opportunity for children to learn work ethic, responsibility, and problem-solving skills.

During the 5-week courses leading up to the fair, students will develop entrepreneurial skills and learn common business practices to operate their own businesses. Classes will begin on Monday, October 24, at The Fairbanks (1126 N Broadway Ave) or online courses are available. The $25 registration fee will be waived for children that complete all five classes. 

“The Springfield Children’s Business Fair not only impacts the next generation of entrepreneurs, but families and communities as well,” said Children’s Business Fair Director Billie Wiegand. “We are excited to share our program with families, communities, and individuals from across the nation and welcome them into our Springfield community. This is a wonderful event to be invested in, to impact young entrepreneurs, and ignite communities!”

Life360 Community Services can’t wait to see you on December 3rd to support our young entrepreneurs! To register your child for the business fair, please visit

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