Y Gardens Ground Breaking

Jul 10, 2019 | News, Press Release

It is my pleasure to share with you an exciting addition to the Creason Development and Family Life360 Community Services (a community development corporation) portfolio. This collaboration of local partners received an allocation for Low Income Housing Tax Credits from the Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC) that will allow for the new construction of this transformative project located on Chestnut Expressway and National Ave in Springfield, MO. The physical address is 1255 E Chestnut Expressway (near OTC in the Arvest Bank parking lot). 

Housing to serve youth aging out of (or formerly in) foster care is a tremendous challenge in the State of Missouri and across the United States. Housing to serve this vulnerable at-risk population is difficult because of a lack of access to rental subsidies, supportive services, education, and jobs. Foster youth are uniquely at risk because they lack a sustainable and reliable support system to help them transition from youth to adulthood. When kids in foster care turn 18, they are no longer part of the foster system, and many find themselves living alone, without the support, resources, and guidance of a stable family or other caring adults in their lives. Despite these grim realities, there are reasons for optimism. Our proposed development dedicates 8-10 units specifically for youth aging out of foster care and combines critical pieces to the puzzle that will lead to the long-term success of this vulnerable population. The benefits of a safe and stable place to live are widely recognized. The research also suggests that, in addition to meeting the basic human need for shelter, safe and stable housing can function as a platform that promotes positive outcomes across a wider range of areas from education to employment to physical and mental health. The only way to serve these kids and teach them what they don’t know to ask is through the collaboration of MANY service agencies. We have been working for 2 ½ years to assemble a large team of service providers in town willing to work together with one another to refer appropriate kids to the development and together serve these young adults after we get them housed. These service providers are in the trenches each day with these young people have ENTHUSIASTICLY joined together to allow the development to offer an extensive list of services to put these young people on the path to success and self-sufficiency with job training and education at the core of objectives. 

The 41 apartments will include 18 new one-bedroom units (average 630 square feet) at a rental rate of $425- $600 per month and 23 new two-bedroom units (average 960 square feet) at a rental rate of $515-$725 per month. The rental rates include water, trash, and sewer paid. Designed as a desirable, sustainable, and attractive building, Y Gardens will be a mixed-use community to meet the broad need for housing in this area. The new apartments will feature mostly affordable apartment homes but do include traditional market-rate opportunities also. Each unit will have modern amenities and fully equipped kitchens and include washer & dryer hookups for the residents. The first floor will feature offices and common areas designed to support the job training opportunities and service providers while still being attractive to all residents looking for a strong sense of community. 

This community collaboration would not have been possible without the community-mindedness of so many partners including Arvest Bank, the City of Springfield and the Missouri Career Center, Life360, and MANY amazing partners currently supporting this vulnerable population of youth. Apartments are expected to be ready for move-ins in the summer of 2020 but the information will be available on-line to join our progress on this journey. We will be hosting an Open House next summer and will look forward to inviting you and keeping you apprised of our progress as we move forward on this exciting project. 

For information, resumes, or questions, please contact us or check out our website:
DHTC Development
(417) 224-3035