Life360 Preschools

We offer quality care and education with a focus on strengthening families through community collaboration.

Preschool location:

    • Monett

State subsidies and scholarships help pay for early childhood education when parents can’t afford it.

Monett Preschool

Monday – Friday | 6am – 6pm

Monett Preschool provides childcare for 6 weeks old to 12 years.

Contact: | 417-772-3801

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    Caring for the Whole Family

    The family coordinator takes a wholistic approach to helping the entire family in each town with a Life360 Community Services preschool.

    Each family support coordinator helps identify a variety of problems affecting a family’s ability to succeed, including: 

      • Unreliable transportation
      • Inadequate housing
      • Interpersonal problems

    This is a great opportunity for preschool students to overcome difficulties by observing how the staff works with the parents to improve the family dynamics. These interactions help prepare children to navigate through life successfully.

    Identifying the Causes of Food Insecurity

    Some children in rural and urban communities go hungry because of poverty or lack of access to basic resources.

    Because our team members are a part of the communities we serve, we’re able to identify the causes of food insecurity and help fill the hunger gaps for thousands of children. 

    We also partner with government organizations, individuals, and corporations to make it happen. 

    Child and Adult Care Food Program

    Through a partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture, we provide meals to students in rural areas at the end of each school day. Each meal includes servings of:

    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Whole Grains
    • Milk
    • Meat/meat alternate

    Emergency Relief Efforts

    Through the USDA emergency relief efforts in 2020, we served more than 3 million meals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Over 10 million meals served

    Since we started serving food to children ages 18 and under in 2016, we have now served over 10 million meals to kids in need.

    Afterschool feeding program

    Through partnerships with public schools in rural and urban areas, we provide supplemental nutrition for kids who may go hungry after school. Whether it’s fueling student-athletes before practice or serving meals to afterschool club participants, our school feeding programs provide kids with the nutrition they may be lacking.